My Impossible List

I got this idea from Thomas Frank.


Current focuses

Learn how to speak all the official United Nations languages (right now I’m working on my Spanish)

Become fluent in Spanish

Get to my dream weight



Last five completed goals

Graduate from college (feb/2020)

Reach B2 fluency in French (2019)

Run 1km (2018)

Write 150 blog posts (4/09/2018)

Ten years without drinking soda ( February 2018)



Change one person’s life for the better

Live in a hit capital

Live in a small city near a big city

Live alone (September 2017)

Live alone in another country (September 2017)

Go without social media for a month (September 2015)

Live in a place where I can walk everywhere (September 2017)

  • Buy a bike and use it to go anywhere (September 2017)

Journal every day for a year

Get something named after me

Learn how to speak all the official United Nations languages (right now I’m 2/6: I can speak English and French).

Be the absolute best in the world at something (described as such by reputable source)

Become a mother

Save a life

Reach B2 fluency in French (I have achieved level C1, as certified through the DALF exam – 2019)

Become fluent in Spanish

Graduate from college with at least an 8/10 GPA  (feb/2020)

Create my version of Jay Walker’s library



Run 1 km (2018)

Run 5km (2019)

Do 20 push-ups in a single set (Right now I’m at 11)

Don’t drink soda for a year (2008)

  • Ten years (2018)
  • Twenty

Get to my dream weight

Do 100 consecutive sit-ups (30/100)

Learn to surf

Spend a year living a healthy life (eating well, exercising constantly) – 2019



Visit every continent (2/7)

Go swimming in every ocean (1/5)

Visit twenty countries (6/20)

Visit 100 countries

Visit all the countries – Current total: six (Brazil, England, France, Peru, Portugal, Spain)

Travel alone (October 2017)

  • Travel alone to a place where I don’t know anyone

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Visit Japan

Visit Ireland

Visit England (2012)

Visit China

Visit Spain (2014)

Visit Italy

Visit Machu Picchu (2014)

Go to Harry Potter World

Go to Disneyland (2012)

Visit Oktoberfest in Munich

Go to comic-con

Go to Saint Bárbara’s Fest in Salvador



Go sky-diving

Go bungee-jumping (2009)

Give a TEDx Talk



Get 5.000 blog visits, all time (2018)

  • Get 10.000 blog visits, all time

Get 1.000 blog visits in a month

Have a book picked up by a publishing house

Publish a book (27.02.2013)

Work as a teacher/professor

  • Voluntarily (2009)
  • As a full-time job

Finish NaNoWriMo

Publish weekly on my blog for a year

Create a site for myself (2008?)

  • Get to page 1 on google search results with “Bárbara de Medeiros” (2018)

Write 150 blogposts (04/09/2018)

  • 200



Be an extra in a movie

Watch a The Maine concert

Go to a Vans Warped Tour



Carnival at Rio

Carnival at Olinda

Carnival at Salvador



Go without internet for a month

Go without cellphone for a month (2017?)