My Impossible List

Tirei essa página da ideia do Thomas Frank, que por sua vez se inspirou nessa lista aqui para fazer a sua.


Current focuses

Run 1 km

Finish NaNoWriMo


Last five completed goals

Write 150 blogposts (4/09/2018)

Ten years without drinking soda ( February 2018)

Get to page 1 on google search results with “Bárbara de Medeiros” (2018)

Get 5.000 blog visits, all time (2018)

Live alone (September 2017)



Change one person’s life for the better

Live in a hit capital

Live in a small city near a big city

Live alone (September 2017)

Live alone in another country (September 2017)

Go without social media for a month (September 2015)

Live in a place where I can walk everywhere (September 2017)

  • Buy a bike and use it to go anywhere (September 2017)

Journal every day for a year

Get something named after me

Learn how to speak all the official United Nations Languages (right now I’m 2/6: I can speak English and French).

Learn Esperanto

Speak at every school I ever studied (currently 2/6)

Meditate everyday for a year in a row.

Read every day for a year in a row

Be the absolute best in the world at something (described as such by reputable source)

Become a mother

Save a life

Reach B2 fluency in French

Become fluent in Spanish

Graduate from college



Run 1 km

Run a half marathon

Do 20 push-ups in a single set

Don’t drink soda for a year (2008)

  • Ten years (2018)
  • Twenty

Get to my dream weight

Do 100 consecutive sit-ups

Learn boxing

Learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Learn to surf



Visit every continent

Go swimming in every ocean

Visit twenty countries

Visit 100 countries

Visit all the countries – Current total: six (Brazil, England, France, Peru, Portugal, Spain)

Travel alone (October 2017)

  • Travel alone to a place where I don’t know anyone

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Visit Japan

Visit Ireland

Visit England (2012)

Visit China

Visit Spain (2014)

Visit Italy

Visit Machu Picchu (2014)

Go on a Disney Cruise

Go to Harry Potter World

Go to Disneyland (2012)

Visit Oktoberfest in Munich

Go to comic-con

Go to Saint Bárbara’s Fest in Salvador



Go sky-diving

Go bungee-jumping (2009)

Give a TEDx Talk



Get 5.000 blog visits, all time (2018)

  • Get 10.000 blog visits, all time

Get 1.000 blog visits in a month

Have a book picked up by a publishing house

Publish a book (27.02.2013)

Work as a teacher/professor

  • Voluntarily (2009)
  • As a full-time job

Finish NaNoWriMo

Start a podcast

Release at least a video a month for a full year on Youtube

  • A video a week for a year

Gain 100 Youtube followers

Publish weekly on my blog for a year

Do a collab with a youtuber that I admire

Create a site for myself (2008?)

  • Get to page 1 on google search results with “Bárbara de Medeiros” (2018)

Write 150 blogposts (04/09/2018)

  • 200

Release 25 youtube videos



Be an extra in a movie

Watch a The Maine concert

Go to a Vans Warped Tour



Carnival at Rio

Carnival at Olinda

Carnival at Salvador



Go without internet for a month